Rewards Program

Frequently Asked Questions


Riverhouse Marina Restaurant & Pub Rewards Program

What is the Riverhouse Marina Restaurant & Pub Rewards Program?

The Riverhouse Marina Restaurant & Pub Rewards Program is a special loyalty program offered as a thank you to loyal Windsor Cardholders. Whenever a Riverhouse Marina Restaurant & Pub Gift Card is swiped at the time of purchase the cardholder earns reward dollars that accrue automatically on the Card. For every dollar spent the Cardholder earns 5% of the purchase value as Reward Dollars.

How are Reward Dollars earned?

Cardholders can earn Reward Dollars in two manners:
1. Swiping the Card as payment
2. Swiping the Card only to earn Reward Dollars, while paying with another form of payment such as credit, debit or cash.

How are Reward Dollars redeemed?

Reward Dollars are redeemed automatically through a coupon that is printed from the POS machine. A coupon will be printed whenever the card’s total loyalty dollars reaches each $25.00 increment or level.